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Newsletter Oct-Nov 2013

Scientific & Technological Achievements of I.R. of Iran

Newsletter Oct - Nov 2013



 This issue contains:

  • Advanced Gene Delivery for Treating Cancer
  • Iranians Help Design Mideast Earthquake Model
  • Iran Develops New Drug for Child Leukemia
  • Iranian Neurologist Professor Majid Samii Wins Leibniz RingPrize



*Advanced Gene Delivery for Treating Cancer

Iranian researchers from Mashhad University of Technology, in association with their counterparts from Rutgers University in the US, have produced

peptide carriers for targeted gene delivery to breast cancer cells. The carriers have a biological base and are able to compress genes to nanometric scale, and

they can be used in the treatment of cancers. Dr. Fatemeh Soltani, one of the Iranian researchers, said, "By obtaining recombinant peptides of the newlyproduced

carrier with a biological source and high performance, it can be expected that the product would take the place of virus carriers in future to

transfer gene in gene therapy in the treatment of various diseases." Results of the research have been published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics,

vol. 441, pp. 307-315.


*Iranians Help Design Mideast Earthquake Model

Iranian seismologists as well as researchers from other Middle East countries have completed the first phase of the Earthquake Model of the Middle East

Mehdi Zare', the deputy head of the International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES) for research and technology, attended the

concluding conference on the first phase of EMME at Istanbul's Bogazici University.


*Iran Develops New Drug for Child Leukemia


Iranian researchers have developed a new medicine named L-asparagines for the treatment of child leukemia, which can be used as a neo-combined product.

Announcing the above, Younes Qasemi, the head of Biological Center of Shiraz Medical University, noted that the drug was formerly made only by Germany,

while it is now given to patients as a neo-combined drug. The clinical production of the drug has been completed, ISNA reported.


*Iranian Neurologist Professor Majid Samii Wins Leibniz RingPrize

Iranian neurologist has won the Leibniz Ring Prize in Germany. The prize is given to Personalities who have made contributions to human development.

Prof. Samii is renowned worldwide for his life trajectory and especially for his work in the Project Africa 100. Investing in educating African neuroscientists in

order to give these physicians incentives to stay in their home countries. This long lasting bridge building is based on knowledge transfer between

professionals on different continents. Prof. Samii has also made partnerships with neurologists in Iran. Here is what the President of Tehran University had to

say in this respect. This is the international neuroscience institute founded by Prof. Madjid Samii. This institute provides healthcare for diseases of the

nervous system with the help of top technology and renowned physicians.

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